Persistence, Sheaves, and Homotopy Theory Online Seminar


The theory of persistence was developed in the early 2000’s as an attempt to define topological descriptors of datasets which are stable to noise. The aim of this seminar is to gather together the mathematical communities who have a common interest in the theoretical aspects of persistence, such as its connections to sheaf theory, homotopy theory, symplectic geometry, representation theory, and relative homological algebra.


We meet the second Tuesday of each month, from 3pm to 4:30pm CET. Each edition consists of two 40 minute talks with 5 minutes for questions after each talk.

How to attend

To receive the Zoom links as well as reminders about the talks, please join the seminar’s mailing list. For information about joining google groups, and in particular doing so without a gmail address, see here.


If you have any suggestions or are interested in giving a talk, please contact the organizers by email at